About GigSwell

What is GigSwell?

GigSwell is a simple site, with a simple purpose; to bridge the gap between musicians and live music hosts. It can be very difficult for an artist to find out about prospective venues/promoters/events in advance of a gig, especially detailed performance-specific information. Rather than artists trying to play unsuitable gigs, and hosts being inundated with unsuitable artists, we thought that sharing this information in advance could actually smooth the whole process.

Artists can use GigSwell to search for music venues, promoters and/or events, and find relevant information about them. If they know what they are looking for they can search by name, or alternatively by city, genre etc. Hosts can set up profiles on GigSwell for free to share all that vital information that an artist may need to know before approaching them for a gig.

One of the most important aspects of GigSwell is its impartiality. Visitors can post comments on profile pages to share additional information, and provide feedback on a particular host. We check all the content on the site ourselves, so it should be fairly up-to-date, but if not, we can always be contacted.

GigSwell is a completely free resource. In order to support what we do, we have a few ads here an there, and offer venues the chance to promote themselves through featured listings.

The Story So Far

The GigSwell story began early in 2011, when a musician, web developer and businessman were sitting in a pub one day, discussing a shared passion; music. It was out of this discussion that the first elements of GigSwell were raised. The musician had been playing live gigs in London for a number of years, and had had mixed experiences of venues/promoters. At the same time, the difficulty in finding venues/events that match fanbases and genres was discussed. The rest, as they say, is history. A few months later, GigSwell was ready for release.

Since then, GigSwell has undergone a redesign, and some tweaks here and there have created the site you see today. It's an ongoing process, and we are always on the look out for new ideas or improvements, so get in touch if you'd like to share your thoughts.

How to get involved

We are always on the look out for offers of help, partnership opportunities and the like. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss anything, please feel free!