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GigSwell Relaunch - Press Release

Posted by admin on 17 September, 2011 - 21:55

London, September 13th 2011

GigSwell, a new tool to help unsigned musicians book UK gigs has been released. The free resource lists details of live music venues, events and promoters, and includes a variety of booking information for each in order to help artists identify suitable places to perform.

  • The UK’s first free website designed to help musicians find and book gigs
  • Detailed booking information about music venues, events and promoters
  • Regularly updated list of latest gig opportunities from across the country
  • Run by people passionate about live music, for people that love to perform

Music venues, events and promoters each have their own dedicated listing on the website. Each listing contains information relevant to booking gigs, such as location, capacity, genres supported, set lengths, number of guests required, and contact details. Visitors to the website can search for live music hosts based on their location and genres supported.

A noticeboard of gig opportunities offers artists the chance to respond directly to organisers in need of performers. Live music hosts may add their own gig opportunities free of charge, with registered artists receiving instant updates through Facebook and Twitter.

The new website promotes good gigs, by encouraging artists to only approach those organisers that are most appropriate to their style, ability, location and fanbase. Over time, the site will become a single directory of information for those looking to perform their music, helping to arrange better gigs for musicians, organisers and their fans.

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The New and Improved GigSwell

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Posted by admin on 24 August, 2011 - 22:29

Well, first of all, thank you for visiting our site, and thank you for taking a minute to read this blog post. I won't keep you for long, I promise!

After a few months in hibernation, we spent the last few weeks thinking about a way to kickstart GigSwell in order to create a valuable resource for musicians. The outcome of this process was a slight shift in focus, and a complete site redesign. We've simplified the role and purpose of the site, so that now we are principally a directory of live music venues, events and promoters. We have also created a dedicated section of the site that promotes and shares gig opportunities with interested performers.

Now that we are up and running, the next task is to start building some buzz around our site. We're hoping that people will think we are on the right track, and support us as we move forward.

I'll be updating this blog as and when I can with various bits of information about our site, and about the UK live music scene in general.

Until next time, happy gigging!