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About Souterrain

Souterrain is a music brand and gig curator based in London. We currently have a residency at Strongroom Bar & Kitchen in Shoreditch, East London and host live gigs every second Wednesday of the month and bi monthly Saturday nights. We focus on giving the emerging, unsigned and underground artist community a platform to perform. We have been curating gigs and festivals since 2014.

We also offer an honest advice service if you would like bespoke attention to your music, your presentation and your promotion options - make sure you spend what little money we have well! -

We are fans of the artists we get to play at our shows and its a privilege for us to work with them and see them in action close up.

Wednesdays - Stripped set up acoustic type style
Saturdays - Funk & Soul and everything in between

Franko Fraize 'Proper enjoyed the set and it was a pukka crowd to perform to. Real nice vibe.'

Kojey Radical 'Guys just wanted to say thank you for last night, didn't get a chance to say bye before I left but I thoroughly enjoyed last nights show - great experience'

Sam Wills 'Well what a wicked gig that was! Thanks to everyone who came down last night and to @souterrainlive for having us.'

Jordan Mackampa 'The biggest thanks in the world to the fantastic Souterrain for having me, it was an absolute pleasure, and your taste in music is insane! I have never left the stage with a grin like that before'

Venues Used
Full backline plus a range of techincal equipment from the strongrooms recording studio above. Most of the times the venue can provide drums but due to the recording studios upstairs their may be a request to play with brushes as other artists maybe recording.

Gigs at Souterrain

Wednesday nights is acoustic / stripped back vibe
Saturday nights is funk and soul artists / bands

Set Lengths
Flexible set lengths of around 20-50 minutes. It's your set you can do whatever you like.
We will work out a fee for each artist, no one plays for free here but we do have a small budget so will work to make sure we pay everyone. Its free entry so anyone can come. We will promote via social media and web listings.

How to get a gig at Souterrain

Email us at - send us your music links so we can check you out. We will endeavour to respond to everyone.

How to contact Souterrain

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