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About Lewis Ross

Promoting Hull gigs, bringing more music to the city and more live music to the people, Level Promotion is set to put on gigs of all Alternative genres.
Whether you're a Tech Metal band or an Alternative Pop band, I'll find a suitable line up to put you on.

Drop me an email with some demo's attached or a link to some music and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Venues Used

Gigs at Lewis Ross

Usually operating on Friday or Saturday nights, although open to other nights if its a tour package, gigs are held at O'Rileys in Hull.
WIth a huge capacity of 300-500, pretty much any UK touring band are suitable for this venue.

Set Lengths
30 minutes.
Set payment for the bands, agreed at least 14 days before performing. If no payment is necessary, I will always try to help with petrol costs. If agreed before hand, a rider can be supplied. No free guestlist for bands.

How to get a gig at Lewis Ross

As with any gig, the more the merrier but as the promoter, I'm the one expected to get people through the door, so don't worry about how many people you bring.

How to contact Lewis Ross

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