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About Petulant Penguin

Petulant Penguin is an exciting and vibrant Promotions, Events and Management company with the self appointed mission of providing the highest quality experience; musically, visually and in terms of outright experience for both artist and audience alike.

At the heart of Petulant Penguin lies the desire to showcase talented creative minds and intertwine this with an experience unparalleled in the current music landscape; the penguins shall march forward.

We are currently recruiting creative minds that share our ideas and possess the drive to deliver a dynamic and quality service, if this is you then please contact a member of the team for more details.

Beware the Petulant Penguin, and underestimate him at your peril, the time of the penguin is upon us.

Venues Used

Gigs at Petulant Penguin

We deal with both new breaking acts and established names. We combine exciting music across a number of genres with live visuals and a friendly atmosphere.

Set Lengths
Set lengths depend on the event and number of bands on the line-up
Band fees are negotiated on a case by case basis depending on areas such as fanbase, promotion, location etc

How to get a gig at Petulant Penguin

All bands are reviewed. We choose bands on artistic merit and whether they fit the line-up. We promote our events heavily and we expect the bands that we book to do their bit.

How to contact Petulant Penguin

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