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About Rowntree Records

We have had the pleasure of holding live shows at some of the coolest and most exciting live music venues in Essex and London. We work closely with our venues and artists to create a big a buzz. We have held some memorable nights and hosted top quality bands and DJ's and continue to do so. We value our relationship with the venues we work with and believe our ambition to book the best quality to make a great show.

Venues Used

Gigs at Rowntree Records

Set Lengths
30 minute sets
Paid gigs dependant on how many fans the band attracts. Never holds a band financially responsible but a poor turnout may result in no further bookings.

How to get a gig at Rowntree Records

Send an email to
We ask for a band to bring at least 20 fans to qualify for payment.

How to contact Rowntree Records

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