The Borderline

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About The Borderline

The Borderline is one of London's great small live music venues. Situated in Central London, on the corner of Oxford Street and Soho. Originally built in 1976, the venue has played host to some big name stars, as well as being a hotbed of new talent.

Now part of the Mean Fiddler group of venues, it hosts live music and club nights every night of the week, and is also available for private hire.

Venue Capacity
101 - 300

Mixing Desk
Yamaha LS9-32 (Monitor mixes from FOH)
PA System
4x Meyer MSL2, 2x Meyer 650 Subs, 2x Martin 215 mkIII Subs Powered by Crown

Monitors (4 mixes)
2x D&B Max 15, 2x Martin LE12, 1x JBL SR4733A Drum fill Powered by Crest

FOH Rack
1x Klark Technic DN3600 Dual Graphic EQ
1x Denon CD player
1x Tascam Mini Disc player/recorder
1x Panasonic DVD 554 DVD player
1x Audix D6
1x Shure Beta 52
4x Shure Beta 58A
2x Shure SM 58
1x Shure wireless SM58
1x Shure Beta 57A
4x Shure SM 57
4x Sennheiser 604
1x Beyer MC83
2x Rode NT5 [matched pair]
2x DBX DB12 active DI boxes
5x Passive DI boxes

Lighting Fixtures and Control
1x Avolites Azure 2000
6x LED parcans
4x Anolis 144 LED Strip
5x iPix Satellites
6x Robe DJScan250 moving mirror club lights
AV [non-recordable video feed]:
1x Sanyo PLC-WXU30 Projector
1x Kramer VP Series Video Scaler and Matrix 2x Widescreen TV 1x Widescreen Projector Screen [Drop down]

Gigs at The Borderline

The Borderline hosts live music and club nights every night of the week.

Set Lengths

How to get a gig at The Borderline

Artists interested in playing at The Borderline should follow the link below to fill out an enquiry form on their website. If any suitable gig opportunities come up, the venue will let you know using the information you provide on the form.

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